Small batch to take a single

Rich in style, flexible orders, OEM processing

You are a large number of Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Japan and other countries of the famous fabric manufacturers to provide all kinds of fashion fabrics, high quality and unique quality of the fabric and the best of the process, combined with the robust design and development of power, Scho fashion more and more popular in the global buyers.

OEM styles rich

Style classic, elegant, able to meet the various needs of customers wearing

Elegant women's clothes

Elegant women's clothes

Elegant women's clothes

Elegant women's clothes

Cooperation process is simple

Carefully selected quality of all kinds of fabrics for design and production

1.Try on the field of Kanban

2.Confirm order quantity

3.Signed an order contract

4.Advance deposit

5.Delivery of the tail section

Styles show

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