Quality control


A production manager who is responsible for the quality, runs the QC department. The QC department is responsible for quality control of the entire production procedure.
The quality of fabrics is strictly checked, as are accessories and trimmings, and disqualified materials are never accepted or used.
Quality control is carried out during the entire process of production, high standards of quality management are implemented, and strict technical requirements of each stage of process has strict technical requirements; close attention is paid to materials and to dual control processes, in resulting in the achievement of sequencing and standardised production.

There is strict process control, in which strictly enforce the "five no-productions" system, namely: no-production of unclear drawings, no production without technical disclosure, no production without sample, no production without customer's approval, no production without QC testing.
The "three inspections" system is strictly enforced , namely: the self-test process, QC inspection, mutual inspection after completion. No next production process will start without passing through the three inspection procedures. We will ensure the whole process of production is under control, and each that process is above standard.

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